What is CARBYNE?

CARBYNE is the hardest material known to man, three-times stronger than diamond. Like a diamond, CARBYNE required time, patience, pressure, failure, and a relentless nature from a team of scientists and researchers to become a reality.

Much like the scientists and researchers who developed CARBYNE, Shawn Williams has spent countless hours on the mats over the past 20 plus years to learn, develop, and evaluate new techniques and evolve as a martial artist and person. Through his years on the mats, he has learned how important apparel is to both training and competition. Along with studying the latest techniques and innovations on the mats, Shawn also constantly studies, experiments, and tests which fabrics, materials, apparel patterns, and designs will make the most optimal grappling apparel for comfort, fit, movement, durability and performance. Through his research and testing, he has developed CARBYNE, a martial arts and performance apparel line 


CARBYNE was founded by Shawn Williams, a 4th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Renzo Gracie. Shawn has been called “The BJJ Encyclopedia” and has a reputation for being one of the most detailed and knowledgeable minds in the BJJ community. He has trained alongside and coached UFC, ADCC, and IBJJF World Champions, competed against the top grapplers in the world, and commentated the largest events in Jiu Jitsu including The ADCC World Championships, The IBJJF World Championships, and Kasai Grappling.

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Our gear isn’t meant to stay clean or neatly folded in your closet or dresser. All of CARBYNE's apparel is engineered and designed to endure through the continuous grind of training and competition. It will get soaked in the blood, sweat, and tears of you, your training partners and opponents. That is how it is intended to be used. It will be tugged, pulled, and pushed to the limits, as will you. Don’t worry our gear will survive, just as you will as well. So for the best results from you and your CARBYNE gear: DRILL, TRAIN, WASH, REPEAT as much as humanly possible.