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    CARBYNE Collaborations with Silver Fox BJJ and Stout PGH

    CARBYNE Collaborations with Silver Fox BJJ and Stout PGH

    CARBYNE has gone into pre-order sales with two academy partners that have long standing relationships with company founder Shawn Williams. BJJ friendships are some of the strongest bonds orged from countless hours spent on the mats together drilling, learning, rolling, collaborating and just sitting against the wall after training and talking about life. Shawn met both Karel Pravec and Warren Stout from his lifetime spent on the mats and is excited to work with both of their academies.

    Shawn has trained alongside Silver Fox BJJ Head Coach Karel Pravec for over 20 years with both martial artists being considered Renzo Gracie OGs. When they first met, Shawn was still a college student and Professor Karel was working in banking and the two training together in the early morning classes at Renzo’s. Both have become successful academy owners and ambassadors and innovators in the gentle art through coaching, seminars, and series of online videos. We were excited to work with Professor Karel and his team to develop the NOGI kit shown below and available for pre-order on our site from August 16, 2020 to August 30, 2020. 

    Silver Fox BJJ Karel Pravec Carbyne Shawn Williams Jiu Jitsu NOGI grappling Kit Rashguard Shorts

    Shawn and Warren Stout first met in New York City in the early 2000s when Shawn was an instructor at the academy and Warren was training there after a decorated collegiate wrestling career at Lehigh University. Professor Warren spent time as an instructor at Shawn’s academy in Los Angeles before returning to Western Pennsylvania to open Stout PGH/Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh, the largest BJJ, Muay Thai and Fitness academy in the Pittsburgh market. The design Shawn and Warren worked on together is currently available as a pre-order at

    Stout PGH Warren Stout Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh Shawn Williams BJJ Jiu Jitsu NOGI Rashguard Shorts Kits Renzo Gracie

    As a company, we love working with both old and new friends within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. The beautiful part of our art is the openness and friendliness on and off the mats and competitions. We look forward to working with our current friends to support each other and making new friends as we continue to grow.  If you are interested in working with CARBYNE, please contact us at